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Welcome to Great Face Masks

Welcome to Great Face Masks

Welcome to Great Face MasksWelcome to Great Face MasksWelcome to Great Face Masks

Washable Face Masks lined in germ free non-woven fabric and Comfort Stays 

Product Information


  • Material: Made of 100% cotton broadcloth.  Breathable, comfortable and skin- friendly.
  • Lined in non-woven fabric which is broadly defined as sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically, thermally or chemically.  They are engineered fabrics that may be single-use, have a limited life, or be very durable. Non-woven fabrics provide specific functions such as absorbency, liquid repellent, resilience, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, filtration, use as a bacterial barrier and sterility.
  • Metal nose stabilizer sewn into fabric of material
  • Elastic ear strap design, wear easily, stronger and more comfortable.
  • Washable, can be used repeatedly.

Comfort Stays Demonstration

Checkout how to attach your Comfort Stays. 


The Golden Touch Carpet Cleaning

The Golden Touch Carpet Cleaning

The Golden Touch Carpet Cleaning


Just a quick THANK YOU for all your help in keeping us all safe during this time of crisis.

It has been very difficult to find masks that we can use in our daily routine. The masks that you have sent us are very comfortable and allow us to perform our tasks without any restrictions.

Please know that what you do (sewing masks for strangers) may seem monotonous and boring, but to those of us that need them greatly appreciate your talents and your ability to produce an item that is in great demand when we all need it most.

Please stay safe and know that you are all angels to us.

Bless you all,

Anna Cassano

Dominion Maids

The Golden Touch Carpet Cleaning

The Golden Touch Carpet Cleaning


Thanks to Sharon's proactive response to the Coronavirus our company has been able to maintain a working schedule. Her Masks are amazing.

I ordered 50 Masks for our employees, they showed up in less than a week as promised, our employees are grateful and now my neighbors are all interested, too!

The Masks are washable and wearable and awesome!! Washable means a return on our investment. High Quality and Fashion at the same time. 

Thank you Sharon for producing our 50 Masks and delivering them within days. Thank you Sharon for all you are doing to support our industry and keeping us weary owners going.

Showing up at our client’s home prepared with gloves, masks has kept our business going.

My recommendation, order masks, and follow any and all advice Sharon can give you!!

Stay Safe and Healthy!!

All the best,

Marjorie Castro,